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Smallville/Heroes Crossovers
{take this space above my head} (1/2) 
13th-Jun-2008 01:43 pm
j/k; love will come find you
title: {take this space above my head} (1/2)
fandom: Heroes/Smallville (Crossover)
summary: And there it was. Clark knew he shouldn’t have let Lois come down to New York to investigate Angela Petrelli’s death. Not that he had much choice in the matter--if only he had managed to turn down that woman with whom he now had a date. A double date, actually, because one Petrelli had also forged his own date with Lois.

character(s): Clark Kent, Elle Bishop, Lois Lane, Peter Petrelli
rating: pg-13
timeline: A few years after S2 of Heroes, several years after S7 of Smallville.
spoilers: spoilers for S2 Heroes, none for Smallville, everything else if of my brain's conjecture.
note: this is the awesome retroblair's (late) birthday gift, so I hope this is enjoyable.
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