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Smallville/Heroes Crossovers
Discussion: The Sullivan Family 
11th-Mar-2010 01:59 am

So I was working on Heroes' pages at FanHistory.com a few days ago and I stumbled upon new Season 4 characters... brothers Samuel & Joseph Sullivan.

Yes... SULLIVAN.... Like in Chloe Sullivan.

I jumped for joy.... sort of. I mean Samuel is all evil and whatnot (from what I read on his page @ Heroes Wiki), but well Joseph is good...

Anyway, their last name made me search in Heroes Wiki's page for Families.

Which brought me to the Sullivan page on the Wiki, and I quote:

Sullivan could refer to:

David Sullivan, a military recruit from Parris Island.
Kelly Sullivan, the mother of Niki Sanders, according to Niki's birth certificate.
The Sullivan Brothers, the name of a carnival troupe of evolved humans.
Any member of the Sullivan family: Mrs. Sullivan, mother of Joseph and Samuel Sullivan


Yes... NIKI'S and JESSICA'S mom is named Kelly Sullivan, like how awesome is that?

Which brings us to the Sanders' page where (I had known) that one of Adam Monroe's many aliases was Richard Sanders... which you just know should lead you being some sort of ancestor of Niki, Jessica, Hal, and Micah.

Plus there is that whole military guy named David Sullivan from like Season 3 I believe.

I'm seriously want/need to have some sort of fanfic dealing with the huge Sullivan family... I mean come on!!! We finally could have a semi-official/canon way of making Chloe introduced into the world of Heroes. What I find sort of ironic, though is my Chloe/Niki mother/daughter manips.

The whole Sullivan last name just makes me want to watch Heroes and catch up to the end of Season 4.


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