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Smallville/Heroes Crossovers
fic: mocking words, broken man 
7th-Mar-2009 10:29 pm

Title: Mocking words, broken man
Fandom: Smallville/Heroes crossover
Author: boredlittlestudent/ </a></b></a>vodooman 
Rating: pg-13 (to be save)
Genre: loss, hurt, angsty, crossover
Characters/Pairings: Chloe/Peter, Sylar, Clark
Short summary: It echoed inside of him. Repeated. Mocked. Over and over again.
Any warnings: Yes, mention of character death.

Disclaimer: Smallville and Heroes as well as its characters are not mine. I only write fanfiction for entertainment.

A/N: Written for the </a></b></a>all_unwritten  community. Prompt # 540: Wedding pictures.


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