vodooman (vodooman) wrote in sv_heroes,

fic: bad luck in love?, ch 3, chloe/davis

Title: Bad luck in Love?, ch3
Fandom: Smallville, Heroes crossover

Author: vodooman/ boredlittlestudent
Rating: G
Genre: Humour
Characters/Pairings: Davis, Chloe, Peter
Short summary: The things a man sometimes has to do…
Disclaimer: Smallville and its character, Heroes and its characters aren’t mine. I only write fan fiction for entertainment purposes.
Earlier chapters here: read ch0 here... )   read ch1 here... )   read ch2 here... )  

A/N: Please note that most thoughts are from Davis… I do not believe in them myself… I just think it would be funny to have my main character think like this… Ok, so I enjoy his discomfort and inability to get the woman he loves to realise that he’s trying real hard for her to notice him as a man…

read here... )
Tags: .fanfiction, chloe sullivan, davis bloome, peter petrelli, ~chloe/peter
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